Jævnstrøm - Vi Overlever (Mix)

May 2, 2018

Freisig media are very happy to announce that we have mixed the track "Vi Overlever" for the danish band Jævnstrøm.

The result have been received with joy and happiness. As the Leadsinger said: "It sounds like a hit"

Release date have not been received. 

Check out the band on facebook:


Here is a small bio of the band:

Translated from their FB Page:

Who are you? So not on Facebook or on snapchat .. but at the very inside, there behind the facades where nothing fits into a quick update.


The world's most simple and complex question, the band Jævnstrøm asks itself when inviting on a journey from childhood to adulthood, at a time when everything has changed - and where life and happiness has gone from being all about tuned mopeds and adolescents to be something that is advertised in smileys to be true.


The five members of Jævnstrøm come from all corners of the music industry. Common to them is that they come from the big scenes, know the price of losing themselves and are now trying to find back.


Jævnstrøm is all about what forgetting who you are - and all that you want to remember when it's all over.

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