Booking list of Freisig Media Studie.

Here you will find price of booking studio and price of mastering.

If you want lessons in Ableton LIVE we also have working day for at good price or booking Lars Freisig to Dj`ing,

Chek out or price list under here.

All prices are including VAT/Moms

We offer top-notch services and hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. Drop us a line or stop by to learn more.

Booking of studio

by the hour

950kr. pr hour.

(Including Technician)


book by the hour

Booking of Studio

Full Day

(Only with Technician)

Contact us for pricing

Studio (Full Day)

Mastering of 1 track

                 Mastering 1 Track         


Mastering of 1 track and attending the mastering

         Mastering (attended session)    


iTunes Master

Mastering iTunes Edition of an existing master done previously.


Vocal Recording

 Vocal Recording incl. Editing

DKK 950 pr hour.

(mix & mastering not included)

Vocal Recording 5 hours

Vocal Recording (5 hours)

DKK 4000

(mix & mastering not included)

Ableton Lesson


Learning producing Ableton Live basics. Teaching you where all the needed shortcuts are, what the basic menus mean and how to get started. After beginners lession you ...       


                 3 Hour DKK1200

Ableton Lesson


Design what you want to learn about Ableton and let us tailor a specific course for you. They will build of 3 1/2 hour tutorial blocks so if 2 is needed then it will tak...  


         3 hr 30 min Calculated Price

Mobile DJ - 4 Hour (Sjælland)

* up to 4 hours

* Own controller/players and music

* Including soundsystem+Small Lights

* On Sjælland    


                   4 hrs DKK4,500

* up to 4 hours

* own controller/players and music

* Including Soundsystem+Small Lights

* On Fyn & Jylland   


                   4 hrs DKK 8.500

Mobile DJ -4 Hours (Fyn&Jylland)

DJ - 1 hour (Act)

Booking of Freisig or Comaro as a DJ Act together or solo     


                    1 hr DKK6,000

mix 2